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Meet Our


Kent and
Natasha Bowman

In 2020, successful business woman and author, Natasha Bowman
suffered a mental health crisis that resulted in a suicide attempt,
inpatient hospitalization, and bipolar diagnosis.

After her recovery, she bravely shared her story with the world in a LinkedIn post stating,

This is the face of bipolar disorder.

That post ignited an unprecedented conversation about mental health in
the workplace by millions of people from around the globe.

Kent also has a lived experience with mental health struggles resulting from workplace harassment.

The Bowman Foundation for

Workplace Equity and Mental


Inspired by both of their
experiences and the experiences
of others, they founded

Their mission is to
cultivate cultures of
psychological safety &
mental wellness in
workplaces across
the globe

Check out our 2022

Survey on


While most
workers admit
they struggle
with their
mental health,

Disclosing Mental Health disorders to employers is still an issue

The Reluctance to disclose Mental Health struggles to employers comes with good reason,

especially for black employees.

Compared to Black respondents, White respondents were more likely to say that they suffered from a mental health disorder and were over 2X as likely to have disclosed a mental health diagnosis to their employer.

Is a groundbreaking five- module

Workplace Mental Wellness

series that provides training for managers and individual contributors with the tools and skills to engage in conversations about mental health and dismantle barriers to cultivating cultures of psychologically safety and mental wellness.



About enrollment and becoming a partner

The Bowman Foundation for Workplace Equity and Mental Wellness aims to support both employers and employees with cultivating cultures of inclusion for mental wellness and the neurodiverse. By partnering with us through this program, employers will get one-on-one guidance for supporting their mentee and intern through navigating the workplace. Participating students will be partnered with a coach and have the opportunity to network with people with similar conditions for support and networking opportunities.

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Need Resources to Support Your

Mental Health in the Workplace?

We got you!

Factors and resources that impact mental health
in the workplace

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The Bowman Foundation relies on people like you to help us bring mental health resources, education, and research to workplaces. Make a donation. Make a difference.

Our head office address:

P.O. Box 179 New York, New York 10463

Call for help:

(212) 381-6148

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