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Month: August 2022

Six Myths About Mental Health in the Workplace

Be careful of labeling someone as “crazy” at work! Yep, it is also unlawful to discriminate because you “think” an employee has a mental disability even if they do not have a disability or are not disabled. This type of discrimination is based on a “perceived disability.” You heard that right, the ADA also protects […]
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Cultivating Cultures of Mental Wellness Through Coaching

Natasha Bowman sat down with Jeffrey Hull, the Institute of Coaching Executive Director, affiliated with the Harvard McClean Medical School. In this recap, Natasha discusses how effective coaching methods for managers are effective when mental illness and burnout issues arise in the workplace. She shares a helpful framework, stats, and personal experiences and demystifies things […]
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The Bowman Foundation Launches The First Mental Wellness in the Workplace Certification Program for HR Professionals.

We are pleased to announce that in partnership with¬†Performance ReNEW, ¬†The Bowman Foundation for Workplace Equity and Mental Wellness, we offer the FIRST Mental Health in the Workplace Certification for HR professionals!!! We invite our first cohort of HR professionals to join us on August 22nd for this one-day certification program. This program also has […]
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